Level Produces highly technological medical devices for physical therapy.

Our products maximize the therapeutic effectiveness and user- easiness.

Our mission, thanks to a close cooperation with specialists and opinion leaders, is always offering good solutions in step with medicine progress.

Thanks to its quality and innovation, Level is a leader brand all over the World in the diode therapeutic laser market.

Level has been working closely for the last 25 years with research universities in order to be at the frontiers in the laser technology.

In 1993 the first power diode laser was manufactured, and since that time Level lasers quality and performance are still unequalled all over the World.

In addition to lasers, Level is committed to research and production of new magnetotherapy, ultrasoundtherapy and bio- electrostimulation devices.

All Level apparatus have obtained certifications, which means reliability, security and guarantee both for the patient and for the physiotherapist.

Since 1994, Level can count the “Italian Football Team” and the “Under 21 Football Team” among the best customers.

Level obtain two patents, one released in 2009 as a patent for utility model. The other one is a patent certificate for industrial invention for the Cryo Mag professional device released in 2011.


Level Plant is located in the industrial zone in Gardigiano di Scorzè (Ve) Italy, and in 600 sqm there are 11 specialized technicians at work and 3 commercial employees dealing with both national and foreign trade.

Level Owns a 15 agents/distributors network all over Italy and some distributors in other important Countries in Europe and rest of the World.